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Are You A Candidate For A Tummy Tuck? Health Articles | January 19 Golden Tate III Jersey , 2012
There are some individuals who are the perfect candidates for a tummy tuck while others don't meet the criteria. Here are some things to think about.

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to tighten up a flabby midsection. This operation is also called an abdominoplasty. Both men and women have this procedure performed successfully. Women are the majority of the patients who opt for this technique, however, because their bellies are often stretched out from having babies. Some women are lucky enough to have skin and tissue that bounces right back into a snug positioning while others are left with a good deal of sag. It all has to do with elasticity which can be age related or genetically predetermined. Women who've had twins or triplets are especially prone to excessive sagginess postpartum. Here are some things to consider regarding this operation.

Good vs. Not-So-Good Candidates

Some individuals are more suitable candidates than others. A person should be healthy physically and mentally. This is major surgery so the person shouldn't be battling a major unresolved illness or be in an unstable head space mentally or emotionally. Because this isn't a weight loss tool, a person should be at or near their ideal weight. It's designed to tighten up flesh rather than remove pounds. If the individual plans to lose multiple pounds Kevin Zeitler Jersey , he or she should hold off on the surgery until the weight has been lost or more sagginess may result. If a woman plans to have more children, she will also want to not have abdominoplasty until she is finished with childbearing. One more pregnancy is likely to stretch out the skin and tissue all over again.

How It's Done

A tummy tuck will be done in a hospital or clinical setting by a cosmetic surgeon. There are different types of operations such as a mini, a complete and a circumferential lift which is a more radical version. The mini technique would be appropriate for individuals with a slight pooch, the complete would be right for a typical flabby belly and the circumferential lift is for those who need tightening up all around the area including the back and hips. The operation can take a couple of hours or up to five if a more radical tightening option is chosen. General anesthesia will be given and an overnight stay will be required. Both the external skin and the internal corset of connective tissue will be tightened up during the operation. It's not just the outside skin that has been stretched out. The inner corset that contains all organs such as the stomach Sterling Shepard Jersey , intestines, liver, bladder, and kidneys will also need to be tightened up or it will stick out still.

A person with a flabby midsection may be an appropriate candidate for having a tummy tuck if he or she is at or near an ideal weight Dalvin Tomlinson Jersey , is healthy mentally and physically and isn't planning to lose weight or have children in the future. If a person is ready to go for a mini, complete or circumferential procedure, he or she should make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the options.

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Games > Game Genres > Gambling > Casino Games > BingoBingo Games For Kids

Posted by nick_niesen in Games on October 26th, 2010

Few people realize the educational value of bingo games for kids. Traditionally bingo games were played by old ladies in smoke-filled bingo halls Evan Engram Jersey , but this has changed. Today bingo games for kids are played by millions of kids, and grown-ups, all around the world.

Bingo games for kids play an important role in the education of children. It makes learning easy and lots of fun. Bingo cards are also easy to make and there are various websites on internet where players can make and design their own.

One of the most popular bingo games for kids are maths bingo games. These games teach children that solving maths problems are fun. With some slight adaptations, these games for kids can be used to teach children money skills.

Other popular bingo games for kids are animal games. The two most popular versions are animal sounds and animal names. Playing is really easy 聳 all the children receive at least one bingo card with pictures of animals on it. The caller will either read the name of the animal B.J. Hill Jersey , or imitate the animal聮s sound. All the children have to do is match the name or sound to the correct picture on their cards.

Some similar bingo games for kids are games that teach them the names of flowers, birds, insects and trees. A great idea to make these bingo games for kids more practical, is to show the children the flowers Will Hernandez Jersey , birds, insects and trees in real life before playing the games.

Other great bingo games for kids are seasonal bingo games. The cards have pictures associated with each season and the players have to match the correct name of each item, as read by the caller, to the pictures on their bingo cards.

These bingo games for kids are versatile Eli Manning Jersey , so parents or teachers can use it to teach children almost anything! Another plus is that these bingo games for kids do not need to be expensive. Making cards are easy and lots of fun. It will keep the children busy for hours. It also stimulates their creativity and they learn the advantages of working in groups.

Organising bingo games for kids is really easy. All you need is a room with desks or tables where the children can sit, a bingo caller and someone to check their cards. It is always important to explain the rules of the games to the kids. Once they understand the rules they don聮t have to concentrate on the bingo game, but can have fun while learning!

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