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Beloved return by soul fate Yimeng (10th Jan 23 at 2:57am UTC)
Auntie Mita laughed angrily and said, "Don't dislike what Auntie says. Go home and farm. Don't be a sissy like your grandmother all day long. Sit at home and dream of making a fortune. Think of yourself like a fairy in the sky and compare others with mud on the ground.". You will stay at home on the first day of next year. Aunt is not short of your New Year's greetings. You can go. These words, move the palm to listen to the clouds in the fog, completely do not understand the meaning of Aunt Mita, finally a face of confusion left, before leaving also took away the New Year's gift he brought, head also did not look back, posture determined. Aunt Mita rubbed her forehead helplessly, said to herself, and sighed, "There is no normal person in the Thumper family except her dead father, and I don't know whether it's right or wrong for me to help Worthy marry Thumper."? Should I go along with what Worthy wants, or should I make other plans to help him talk about other girls? When Gu Xiyue fell asleep, she felt her cheeks itching, as if there was something crawling on them, and she couldn't help scratching them, and the feeling of itching was finally gone. She was getting ready to go back to sleep when the tickling sensation came, like a small brush, brushing her cheeks. Gu Xiyue, who had been made extremely uncomfortable, opened her eyes angrily, and all of a sudden she faced Chi Ying's deep and dark eyes. His eyes were bottomless, full of spoiling and smiling. Gu Xiyue later found that Chi Ying was the culprit of her itchy cheeks, because he did not hide his crime at all, holding a strand of her hair in his hand and brushing it on her cheeks with the tip of his hair. Holding back a smile,cosmetic plastic tube, Chi Ying asked her, "Did you wake up?"? Are you hungry? You've slept through lunch, and now you're going to have dinner. When he came back at noon, he found Gu Xiyue asleep, sleeping very sweetly, and could not bear to wake her up. Unexpectedly, she slept to the end and went straight to the evening when the sun set. Gu Xiyue got up from the bed, stretched lazily, and lay on Chiying as if he had no bones,cosmetic tube, rubbing his little head in his arms, acting like a spoiled child to show that he didn't want to get up. Chi Ying had no choice but to feed her something and let her go back to sleep. On the second day, the second day of the first lunar month, the betrothed wife came to visit. That is to say, the girl with burning clothes, who is engaged to the eldest brother of Jehovah, will come to pay a New Year call today. The author has something to say: I come to shout Yo, I opened a new pit, hanging different text, the man has a power, interested partners can go to see Yo! The Daily Life of Mr. Cat Downstairs of Shi Nuo, there lived a Mr. Cat, a Mr. Cat who loved to eat cat food. Until one day, he said, "I will love you more than I love cat food." "I have nine lives, nine bodies, nine hearts, cosmetic tube packaging ,empty cosmetic tubes, and I love the same person." If you don't like to hang different articles, you can collect the ancient sayings in advance: "Wife", "Sweet Beloved", "The Return of the Beloved". Poke into the author's column, you can collect me! Xinwen Kaikeng knew early ~ ~ Chapter 61. The custom here is quite interesting. On the first day of the first lunar month, they pay New Year's greetings to each other; on the second day of the first lunar month, the girl who has made a marriage goes to her husband's home to pay New Year's greetings; on the third day, the young man worships his wife's home. Because Jehovah's marriage was not easy, the family attached great importance to it. Even the honest and dull Worthy had joy on his face. It could be seen that he was really happy for his eldest brother. Although Longi's expression was light, he was obviously very curious about the engagement object of Yehua's eldest brother, and even appeared in the hall early for the first time. Of course, the happiest one is none other than Aunt Mita. It is said that she was so excited that she didn't sleep all night and got up in the fifth watch to start preparing. Seeing that Aunt Mita was so busy, she was afraid that there would be less food to eat for a while, and then she was afraid that there would be less red envelopes to eat for a while, so she ran inside and outside. Jehovah had no choice but to persuade her. But the more she persuaded Aunt Mita, the more nervous she became. As a matter of fact, it was not the first time that the family had an engaged wife who came to pay a New Year call. Thumper came every year from childhood to adulthood. Later, Worthy and Ying had a marriage, and Ying had also come once. However, probably because she had been looking forward to it for too long, Aunt Mita was afraid that something would go wrong if she did not treat the burning clothes well. Jehovah could not convince Aunt Mita either, so he let her go. He put on his robe, harnessed his horse, and went out, ready to go to the road to meet the burning clothes.
Zhuo Chang lives in a neighboring village. It's a long way. He must come on horseback. As the Lord was riding out of the village, he saw a little girl in a red coat on horseback, waving a whip at him from a distance. The little face was red because it came all the way in a hurry, and because it saw Jehovah, it danced with joy, which really answered the word "smile like a flower". Jehovah was afraid that she would run too fast and fall from her horse, so he hurriedly drove his horse to meet her. As he ran, he shouted, "Slow down, Zhuo Chang!" When she was brought into the house by the Lord, the whole family came to meet her at the door, so to speak. Gu Xiyue followed Chi Ying and secretly looked at the brave little girl. Although people are small, they are dignified and generous in dealing with the world. Their behavior is heroic and heroic. Every smile is not artificial, which makes people happy when they see it. It was not the first time that Aunt Mita had seen the burning clothes, but she had only known that the little girl was the youngest daughter of the patriarch and the little princess of the whole clan, but she had never thought that she would marry Jehovah. Now look at her with the eyes of her mother-in-law looking at her daughter-in-law, that is how to look at how satisfied. In particular, the little girl knew the goods and chose Jehovah as her husband, who was the best husband in the whole village and even in the whole clan! Aunt Mita gave her a heavy red cloth bag, and Gu Xiyue estimated that it was twice as heavy as hers. However, after that, Gu Xiyue was a little surprised, because the burning clothes gave red envelopes to Jehovah's younger brothers one by one, and also gave her one. Received a 13-year-old girl stuffed over the New Year's money, people or in accordance with the elder gift, Gu Xiyue red face took over, whispered a "thank you.". Zhuo Chang immediately smiled and said innocently, "Just take it. I am your future sister-in-law. You are my fourth brother and sister. We are sisters-in-law." Gu Xiyue was thin-skinned, and when she said that, her face turned red. That was true, but she couldn't help blushing. Ao Jing discontentedly gathered together to come over,tube lip gloss, small mouth super sweet: "Future sister-in-law, you all give Xi Yue elder sister, our home Lan Zhuo has not?" 。
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