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cheapmlbredsshop (24th May 19 at 3:21am UTC)
Since they were first used over 65 years ago by US government sociologists investigating the effectiveness of military propaganda movies the focus group has been the backbone of the market research industry.

By the middle of the twentieth century Wholesale Brandon Finnegan Jersey , advertising agencies started to jump on the bandwagon hiring researchers to discover out why certain kinds of products and services were appealing. The focus group gained popularity because its format prompted the participants to explain their reasons and motivations behind product charm, recognition and ultimately purchase. The use of focus groups grew, especially amongst politicians as policy setting instruments. Focus groups even gained credence in academic research despite having no regular methods for the gathering or capture of the outputs produced. It seemed like the focus group was here for the long-haul.
So what’s gone unsatisfactory? In his recent Slate Magazine article, “Lies Wholesale Adam Duvall Jersey , Damn Lies and Focus Groups?” Daniel Gross challenges the efficacy and usefulness of focus groups for informing product development and marketing. He highlights the widely documented mismatch between what people express about product concepts in focus groups, and the way they in reality behave when it comes to making purchases. A small point, which costs companies millions in improper product development and misplaced marketing.

On top of this there is an widening endemic difficulty with focus group research that simply refuses to go away. The ‘Focus Groupie’ is a term used to describe people who for whatever reason spend their spare time contributing to focus groups. You can’t really blame them, the promise of about $90 and a free meal is very appealing. And nothing is off-limits for these opportunist opinion givers. Yesterday they were early adopting gin lovers Wholesale Michael Lorenzen Jersey , today cautious supporters of animal rights, tomorrow who knows? Yet, in the words of one such ‘focus groupie’ the only thing they have in common is that “after a while the stories don’t seem like lies – more like acting – and it’s quite fun to pretend to be someone else”.

Research professionals are not amused. In a recent issue of Research the magazine of the Market Research Society (UK) it was headline news. But what about the clients who pay for this false and potentially ambiguous information. Torben Jessen, Saga’s Research Manager said that clients should be concerned about professional respondents Wholesale Cliff Pennington Jersey , the fraudsters in particular because “The issue cuts to the credibility of research”.

A study into this dilemma carried out by BMRB between November 1999 and March 2000 found that; One in ten people who had taken part in a focus group within the previous 12 months had done so at least three times that year and one in 100 had 16 or more visits. That’s one focus group misled every three weeks. The only thing we know for sure is that the trouble is getting worse not better. Liz Sykes, committee member of the UK’s Association for Qualitative Research commented “nobody really knows the scale of the headache”. Yet, whatever the scale, it’s the advertisers who pay for the research that are counting the cost. Not surprising then that many are now moving away from the old focus group model. It’s lasted well Wholesale Ken Griffey Jersey , remember the focus group was first used when the bi-plane was still state of the art.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that a modern approach is augmenting its market share dramatically. The move to online qualitativequantitative research has doubled in the last three years. The reasons for this are straightforward. It’s quick, economical and by using in-house data, can tap into existing customers and prospects who have already embarked upon the desired behaviour. Thus eliminating the ‘focus groupie’ fraudsters.

Many marketeers are using advanced psychometric models to help their understanding. Marketing, a leading UK magazine reported recently that for Sainsbury’s Bank “Marketing consultancy ESP are running and analysing an online questionnaire included in the bank’s monthly e-zine Wholesale Tony Perez Jersey , which is e-mailed to the customer database. Their plan is to build a clearer picture of consumers’ product purchasing behaviour, using psychographic data.” Surely this type of fast intelligent, ‘focus groupie’ free research is a good way forward.

That is unless you are still happy donning your flying cap and climbing into your 65 year old bi-plane. Tally Ho! Chocks Away!

A free report is available from on how market research uk can dramatically improve profitability.

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About Me:
Hi, I'm Leia, and have 181 posts, I joined on the  . Unfortunately I am currently Offline. You can get in touch with me by going to my profile.
Re: cheapmlbredsshop (24th Sep 21 at 7:53am UTC)
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