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Have You Heard about SmartKey PDF Password Recover - Posted By Weendly (weendly) on 9th Oct 12 at 2:05am
SmartKey PDF Password Recovery , instantly recover password locking PDF documents created with all versions of Adobe Acrobat (including the latest Acrobat 9.0) or any other PDF application.
Do you feel headache to recover PDF password? Don’t you have a suitable tool to help you fix such problem? Let SmartKey PDF Password Recovery do you work.

PDF files has been widely used in our work and allow us to add password protect our important data. However, we may forget this password for some reason. You may ask yourself: How to recover the password instantly? Good news here, as I will introduce PDF Password Recovery which allows you to recover PDF password easily.

SmartKey PDF Password Recovery is a simple but stable tool with Straight-forward and clear interface that can perform excellent when you use it. The first time when I use this tool was on the day my brother who said that she forgot PDF Password and asked me for help. So I downloaded SmartKey PDF Password Recovery to have a try by myself. Believe it or not, this is the first time I came into contact with PDF Password Recovery tool.
I downloaded from the website and install it. I was really amazed since I was thinking it would be more complicated and time-consuming.
But it turned out to be easy to operate and save more time.

As Easy as Only 4 Simple Steps:
Step 1: Click "Open" button to browse the full path of the PDF file on your PC.Select your file in the Open File window and click "Open".
Step 2:Select an attack to recover the lost or forgotten PDF password and define each attack setting.
Step 3: Click "Start" button in the Menu to initiate the program.
Step 4: Within minutes (Seen as below), your desired password will be recovered successfully with displayed in the File Opening Password Box. Next, just close the box and exit the program, then use this password to access to the target or locked PDF file.

This was really an impressive experience and I am so great that I could get to know something that I knew little about in the past.
Then I decided to conduct a deep study on this PDF Password Recovery. I found out that SmartKey PDF Password Recovery has been upgraded with NVIDIA-GPU optimized. It is able to recover PDF password in few seconds. Otherwise, it supports any windows systems.

And following are 4 main characteristics of this PDF Password Recovery which I summed up.

1. With a wizard-forward interface, only 3 simple steps can assure you to access any restricted PDF files.
2. Adopt multi-core CPU processing and GPU acceleration technology to gain substantive improvement in recovery speed.
3. Optionally save and import password recovery project to resume PDF password process after a sudden stop or a crash.
4. Automatically shut down your computer after the PDF recovery completes.

There are still many other advantages waiting for your own try. Such PDF Password Recovery could save us a lot of time.