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Heartly men - Posted By Cyrus (cyrus22) on 23rd Apr 19 at 12:20pm
Potency problem

Re: Heartly men - Posted By Leonell (leonell5) on 24th Apr 19 at 1:58am
This past season's flu vaccines posted one of the worst efficacy rates in recent memory. That's partly because the viral strains they contained weren't the ones that ended up circulating.

But on top of that, GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) has uncovered some other effectiveness problems of its own--and now it's recalling a quadrivalent jab in a move that affects 1.7 million doses.

Re: Heartly men - Posted By Gregor (gregor66) on 24th Apr 19 at 6:21am
New Zealand Police are complaining that domestic cannabis has apparently “quadrupled in strength“. Aside from the obvious point that if cannabis is stronger consumers don’t need to smoke as much, there are several problems with this claim.

Re: Heartly men - Posted By SaidJuas (saidjuas) on 24th Apr 19 at 10:46am
I am 45 and there were already problems with potency, the wife is constantly dissatisfied, I did not know what to do. A friend with the same problem advised Viagra The price is not small, but decided to buy. My joy knew no bounds, by the way, my wife was also pleased. Now our sex life is stormy, as if I'm 20 years old. I did not have any side effects and now I do not observe, it depends on the body