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spinal injury. - Posted By Giant (giant) on 3rd Sep 19 at 9:38pm
I have a serious problem now. I began to experience severe pain in the spine after a sports injury. I wear a medical corset but it doesn't save me from pain. Sometimes the pain is so strong that I just can’t fall asleep. I don't want to take opioid painkillers before surgery. Do you know any alternatives to this?

Re: spinal injury. - Posted By JamesDyn (jamesdyn) on 5th Sep 19 at 5:05am
It seems to me that you should think about physiotherapy first. If the pain bothers you so much then follow this WEBSITE LINK. This is the CBD oil page. This medicine is based on herbs and has a good analgesic effect. There are no complex side effects and you can use this at the same time as medical procedures.